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postdoctoral scientist
There is a position available for a postdoctoral scientist to work in a
project addressing dissolved carbon export from soils of different land
systems to test the hypothesis that dissolved carbon fluxes bypassing
terrestrial carbon pools account for part of the difference between
land-based and atmosphere-based estimates of net biome productivity
(http://www.sciencemag.org/cgi/conten...302/5651/1681a). The project
funded by the German Research Foundation and closely linked to the
CarboEurope integrated project (http://www.carboeurope.org/). The
is based in Berlin, Germany, at the Berlin University of Technology
(http://www.tu-berlin.de/eng/index.html), Department of Soil Science
The postdoc will have the primary responsibility for the instrumentation
research sites, coordination of sampling activities and sample analyses,
calculation of carbon export using hydrological models, and synthesis of
dissolved carbon dynamics, atmosphere-based, and land-based estimates of
biome productivity. Chemical analyses will be supported by a laboratory
assistant funded by the German Research Foundation. The work will
collaboration and interaction with a wide variety of scientists of
disciplines organized in the CarboEurope project.
Requirements are i) a PhD in a field of earth system science (soil
hydrology, biology, or related), ii) demonstrated experience with field
experimental work, iii) analytical and technical skills, iv) strong
motivation and ability to work independently and to coordinate a
consisting of 12 research groups. Experience with hydrologic modeling is
advantageous. The project will require travels to sites in Ireland,
Scotland, Denmark, Sweden, The Netherlands, France, Switzerland and
Germany. A driving licence is inevitable.
This is a two year-position available from June 1, 2006. Review of
applicants will start April 1; the position will remain open until
The Berlin University of Technology has 32.000 students and 6721
of which 15 scientists, 7 technicians, and four student assistants work
the Soil Science Department. The Berlin-Potsdam urban agglomeration
an amazing cultural life, great recreational opportunities within the
and their sparsely populated surrounding area, and an outstanding
environment including 4 universities, 10 Max-Planck Institutes, 4
Research Centres, and 12 Leibnitz Institutes.

For further information or to apply, contact electronically:

Dr Jan Siemens
Department of Soil Science
TU Berlin
Phone: +49 (0)30 314-73521
FAX: +49 (0)30 314-73548

Applications should include a description of research interests, CV, and
names and contact information of two potential referees.

Yvonne Hofmann
Secretary, CARBOEUROPE-IP Coordination Office
Max-Planck-Institute for Biogeochemistry
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D-07701 Jena Germany

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Hans Knöll Str. 10
D-07745 Jena Germany

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Fax: ++ 49 - 3641 - 57 71 00


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