Position Announcement
Project Researcher
Physical Oceanography
Norwegian Polar Institute

Position Starts: 1 January 2006

Further position information can be obtained from:
Nalan Koc
E-mail: nalan.koc@npolar.no

or from:
Geir Wing Gabrielsen
E-mail: geir.wing.gabrielsen@npolar.no

The Norwegian Polar Institute is a Norwegian governmental institute for
management related research and advice, environmental monitoring,
mapping, and field operations in polar areas. The institute answers to
the Ministry of the Environment and has contact and service functions
for Norwegian and international polar research. About 110 persons work
at the institute, which has its main office in Tromso, offices and
research stations on Svalbard, and the Troll Station in Antarctica.

At the Norwegian Polar Institute there is a 2.5-year researcher position
available in physical oceanography. The position is part of the research
project "Marine ecosystem consequences of climate induced changes in
water masses off West-Spitsbergen" (MariClim) founded by the Norwegian
Research Council.

The position will be in the field of physical oceanography with main
emphasis on studies of the water exchange processes between fjords and
the adjacent shelf region. The project will be conducted in
Kongsfjorden-Krossfjorden and the adjacent shelf in Svalbard and will
involve the use of numerical models and analyses of existing field data
as well as data collected during the project period. The position will
be part of a multidisciplinary ecological program. The researcher
therefore needs to have close collaboration with researchers within
physical oceanography as well as other disciplines in this project.

Applicants must have a Ph.D. in physical oceanography or equivalent
education with relevant background. In addition, experience in use of
numerical models is desirable. Applicants with good communication skills
and good publication record will be favored.

The salary is at the Postdoc level (Norwegian salary code 1109/54),
which amounts to about $58,000 USD per year, as gross income. Hiring
will be according to the process of the Norwegian Ministry of Church,
Education, and Research for hiring of a researcher at the institute
level. Women are encouraged to apply.

The application should preferably be sent electronically via
http://www.jobbnor.no. Certified copies of transcripts and attests and
list of scientific works need to be submitted as attachments to the
electronic application. Applicants with no access to Internet can send
the application with certified copies of attests and transcripts to:
Norwegian Polar Institute
N-9296 Tromso

Applications should be sent by 11 November 2005. For international mail,
please notify one of the contacts below that your application has been
sent. Please do not submit originals of attests and transcripts, since
they will not be returned.

Further position information can be obtained from:
Nalan Koc
Phone: +47 77 75 06 54
Fax: +47 77 75 05 01
E-mail: nalan.koc@npolar.no

or from:
Geir Wing Gabrielsen
Phone: +47 77 75 05 29
E-mail: geir.wing.gabrielsen@npolar.no

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