You must have noticed the donate button on the front page.
At present the website is supported financially by a bunch
of students and postdocs, esp. alumni from the cochin university
of science & technology.
We've more than 530 members on the website and we're
running smoothly.

Still, we don't have facilities to upload larger files or to host
oceanographic related files (eg: data). These require larger webspace
and bandwidth. The present web space is 200mb which, you can
assume, is not sufficient for such facilities.
A lot of other projects aimed to the progress of the Oceanographic
Community could also be carried out with these donations.

Hence we invite donations from all users who would like to
promote this website to its maximum potential.
The financial department is attended by Anand P.
All donations will be used for the benefit of the Oceanographic Community.
Note that donations aren't required to use any of the facilities here.
If you can't find money to donate, you can always post some
useful information on this website!

It would also be great if you have some suggestions on the improvement
of Oceanographers Net Society.

How you can donate:
Clicking on the donate button takes you to the paypal website.
Enter the amount you wish to donate.
Most of you may not have a paypal account, so you can pay directly
using a credit card.
Demonstration is given below.

This will take you to another page where you've to fill in the
credit card details.

Once you fill in and check out, please let us know by email at
contact (at)