University of Mainz - Germany
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Open PhD position


Funded by the Excellence Cluster "Geocycles" at the University of Mainz
Salary: according to a 50% German BAT IIa position
Start: 1. December 2005 or later

Research Theme: As part of an interdisciplinary project at the University of
Mainz, the successful candidate will perform numerical model experiments to
study extreme weather events and transport processes for present-day climate
and the past ice age. The work will be conducted in collaboration with a
postdoc researcher at our institute, and will use both the global model GME
and the local model LM from the German Weather Service. The global model will
be run for different idealized scenarios that mimic large-scale conditions
during different phases of the earth climate. The nested local model will
serve to provide detailed information about extreme events in central Europe
(droughts, wind storms, floodings). Specific analysis methods shall be
developed and implemented in order to extract relevant information that
enables a comparison with and the interpretation of high-resolution
paleoclimate bore hole measurements in Germany.

University diploma in meteorology or physics. Familiarity with UNIX, and
experience in numerical modeling and FORTRAN programming is highly desirable.

Further information: please contact Heini Wernli (see address below).

Please send your application including your CV and a summary of your diploma
or master thesis to:
Prof. Heini Wernli
Institut für Physik der Atmosphäre
Universität Mainz
Becherweg 21
D-55099 Mainz
phone: +49 6131 392 3157

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