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Thread: The tides are the result of the rotation of the Earth and the whirlpools

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    The tides are the result of the rotation of the Earth and the whirlpools

    The tides are the result of the rotation of the Earth and the whirlpools.

    There is a strict pattern; tides are formed, not across the coast of the seas and oceans, but only on those coasts where the high angular velocity of the currents. And the higher the velocity of currents, the higher the amplitude of the tidal wave. On the rectilinear coasts, where the currents do not have angular velocity, tides and ebbs do not form.

    The waters of lakes, seas and oceans of the northern hemisphere rotate counterclockwise, while the waters of the southern hemisphere rotate clockwise, forming giant whirlpools.

    As is known, everything that rotates, including whirlpools, has the property of a gyro (yule) to maintain the vertical position of the axis in space, regardless of the rotation of the Earth.

    If you look at the Earth from the side of the Sun, the whirlpools, spinning with the Earth, capsize twice a day, thanks to which the whirlpools precess (swing by 1-2 degrees) and reflect the tidal wave around the perimeter of the whirlpool.

    The waters of the White Sea rotate counter-clockwise, forming a huge whirlpool-gyroscope, which, precessing, reflects a tidal wave along the entire perimeter of the White Sea.
    A similar pattern of tides and ebbs is observed in all lakes, seas and oceans.

    The waters of the Mediterranean Sea rotate counter-clockwise, forming tides, 10-15 cm high. But in Gabes Bay, "what?" Off the coast of Tunisia, the height of the tides reaches three meters, and sometimes more, and this is considered one of the mysteries of nature. But at the same time, in the Bay of Gabes the whirlpool turns, precessing the reflecting additional tidal wave ?.
    A tidal wave in the Amazon River creates a huge planetary maelstrom a few thousand kilometers in diameter, rotating between South America and North Africa, embracing the mouth of the Amazon River.
    The scheme of motion of a tidal wave, along the perimeter of the North Atlantic planetary maelstrom.

    The length of the tidal wave depends on the diameter of the whirlpool. And the height of the tidal wave depends on the speed of rotation of the whirlpool of the orbital velocity of the Earth, and the time of the tilting of the whirlpool (12 hours).
    A = V1 • V2 / t
    where: A is the amplitude of the tidal wave (precession angle).
    V1 - rotation speed of the whirlpool.
    V2 is the orbital velocity of the Earth.
    t - the time of tilting of the whirlpool (12 hours).

    The vortex theory of tides can be easily verified from the connection of the height of the tidal wave with the rotation speed of the whirlpools. The height of the tidal wave can determine the location of the whirlpools. Drawing on a map of the depths and currents of the seas and oceans.
    Continuation: Forum Faculty of Geography.
    The opening was published in the Russian-German scientific peer-reviewed journal "Eastern European Scientific Journal" No. 3/2015. 64. June A positive review was also received from the Institute of Geography of the Russian Academy of Sciences.

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    According to the lunar concept of tides, the Planet's crusting at the permission of London, uk, with a regularity of twice a day, increases and drops with an plenitude of about 20 cm, at the equator the move of the vibrations surpasses 50 percent a gauge.
    Then why the biggest tides are established in the moderate areas and not at the equator?
    The maximum tides on World are established in the Fandi Bay in Northern The united states - 18 m, at the oral cavity of the Severn Stream in Britain - 16 m, in the Bay of Mont-Saint-Michel in Italy - 15 m, in the lips of the Sea of Okhotsk, Penzhinskaya and Gizhiginskaya - 13 m , at the cpe NKarpinskyin the Mezensky Bay - 11 m.
    The circulating concept of tides describes this inconsistency by the lack of whirlpools at the equator, as well as cyclones and anticyclones.
    To type whirlpools, cyclones and anticyclones, the deflecting power of Coriolis is required. At the equator, the Coriolis power is little and in the moderate areas, it is maximum.

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