The Faculty of Geosciences at Utrecht University offers a wide spectrum of education and research concerning the geosphere, biosphere, hydrosphere, atmosphere and antroposphere.

From its central position in the Utrecht Centre for Geosciences, the Faculty collaborates closely with the Faculties of Physics (Meteorology/Oceanography) and Biology (Biogeology), and with the Netherlands Institute of Applied Earth Sciences (TNO_NITG), which has recently moved on campus. The Faculty is committed to interdisciplinary and cross-institutional collaboration, and plays a key role in the Dutch national research school structure.

In the Netherlands, the Faculty is the largest institute in its field, and has received the highest rating in an international assessment of geosciences in the Netherlands.

Open invitation for PhD positions at the Department of Earth Sciences, Utrecht
The faculty invites open applications for PhD research positions. There are a number of PhD projects formulated in a particular research area (see below), but in addition we welcome original proposals by highly motivated and excellent individuals seeking a PhD position at Utrecht University. The following vacancies are available. For more details on the PhD projects, see:
Ph.D. researcher in Hydrogeochemistry (vacancy number 72035)
Ph.D. researcher in Petrology (on the influence of volcanic/hydrothermal systems on the biosphere, vacancy number 72022)
Postdoctoral position in Geology (vacancy number 72033)
PhD researcher in Biogeology/Organic Geochemistry (vacancy number 72032)
PhD or postdoc position in Biogeochemical Ocean Modeling (vacancy number 72013)
For details, see: