Graduate Student Assistantship (Ph.D.-level), Estuarine Phytoplankton Dynamics

I am seeking a motivated student to fill a graduate assistantship in the Marine Biology Ph.D. program ( at Texas A&M University-Corpus Christi. The position is available beginning in January 2016. The focus of this assistantship will be on viral and microzooplankton controls upon the brown tide organism, Aureoumbra lagunensis, in South Texas embayments. Ample resources are available for field sampling, experimental (mesocosm & laboratory) approaches, and or synthesis/modeling of existing data. The student will benefit from samples and field data already collected as part of ongoing (funded) water quality and plankton ecology studies in the systems of interest.
Interested students should preferably hold a M.S. degree in ecology, marine science/oceanography, microbiology or a related field. Potential applicants with only a B.S. degree should have at least 2 years of research experience in an area related to plankton or estuarine ecology and evidence of strong writing and presentation skills.
The graduate assistantship will have an excellent stipend relative to the cost-of-living. To be considered for the position, please email me, Dr. Mike Wetz at Along with a letter of interest, please send your C.V., unofficial transcripts and GRE scores. For more information on my laboratory and research interests, please see:
Screening of applications will begin immediately and the position will be filled as soon as a qualified applicant is identified.