Our laboratory is interested in developing/acquiring a subsea pressure housing for a laser-based (520 nm) polarimetric instrument that is currently under development. This instrument will be mounted on an ARGO-type float and deployed in subsea arctic environments. As an essential requirement, it must have a viewport on the upper end cap (facing the sea surface) and a bulk-head connector in the lower end cap (facing the sea bottom). Further characteristics are listed below:

  • Cylindrical shape
  • Packaging diameter <= 100 mm.
  • Internal diameter >= 70 mm.
  • Packaging length <= 200 mm.
  • Material: Plastic preferred
  • Weight in water <= 500 gr.
  • Operating depth <= 2000 m.
  • Number of connectors = 1 (MCIBH/4 Teledyne)
  • Special needs: 1 end cap with a viewport for laser applications. Viewport material: sapphire, glass, borosilicate.
  • Internal chassis: Laser circuit and logic circuit mounts.

So far, we have requested quotes from specialized companies in marine technology. Now, we would like to reach other research or operational centres/laboratories that may have developed or acquired a similar housing that could advise us on this matter. Leasing or borrowing may be a possibility but we prefer a final solution. Please do not hesitate to contact me for further information. Thank you for your time. Best regards.