I found this site looking for information. I'm not an Oceanographer in any way shape or form, just a guy with a knack for seeing things others may miss.

I'm curious to the temperature of the ocean today versus say 100 years ago or as far back as it's been logged. I know our planets temps are due to a balance of O2 and CO2 in the air. To much O2 causes cooling, to much CO2 causes increased heat. My question is does this stand true for the oceans. I've been reading a lot about the over fishing of our oceans and the loss of sea life in the Pacific ocean due to Fukushima. Would this not disrupt the CO2/O2 levels in the oceans? By not enough sea life left to use up the oxygen causing a temp drop in the oceans due to increased O2 levels. Is my brain working this right or am I just a amateur who doesn't know what he's talking about?