do you have any idea about plottinng of wave spectrum (2 dimensional) from wave rider buoy data (data consist heave(z), north-south(x),east-west (y) displacement) by using MATLAB tool "WAFO25". Here I used function "dat2dspec" in WAFO but i have some doubt about the input of this functions please help me......

in dat2dspec " [S, D, Sw,Fcof] = dat2dspec(W,pos,h,Nfft,Nt,method,options)"

i gave input in this manner

W = raw data file with 4 columns [sampling time , n-s displacement , e-w displacement , heave ]
pos= i think it means position pos[0 0 0 16 1; 0 0 0 17 1; 0 0 0 18 1]

h= depth 10

Nfft= 256(default)

Nt= 91( default)

method= it consist four method 'MLM', 'MEM', 'IMLM', 'EMEM'

is it correct please reply........

thanks in advance
anoop tr