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Thread: Derive geostrophic current

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    Derive geostrophic current

    Dear all..i have try used matlab file created by NOAA staff for compute geostrophic current and ekman current for equator area..I try follow step by step but still failed to run the script..i make simple matlab code like below:

    load ('SSH.DAT');
    [LONG,LAT,SSH,GEO] = currents('SSH.DAT',0.25);

    but error

    Loading data from files...??? Undefined function or method 'getfilename' for input arguments of type 'char'.

    Error in ==> currents at 76
    sshname = getfilename(varargin{1});

    Error in ==> Untitled at 3
    [LONG,LAT,SSH,GEO] = currents('SSH.DAT',0.25);

    I don't how to solve this problem ... i have attach the file currents.m
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    I am not aware of Matlab. However, it is not possible to calculate geostrophic currents within the equatorial band as f goes to zero at the equator.

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