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Thread: Wave gages for shallow depths (30-50cm)

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    Wave gages for shallow depths (30-50cm)

    Hi friends,

    I have a field experiment in a shallow bay (2 m deep). I want to measure waves as they travel on a small landmass (20m in legth along the wave direction). The water depth on this landmass is about 30-50 cm and wave heights are observed to be about 10cm to 30cm. I want to measure non-directional spectra on this landmass (to see how they attenuate along the 20 m length).

    The obvious challenge is the very small depth and wave heights. The gages should not interfere waves too much.

    Any suggestions for what kind of wave gages to be used? Any manufacturer/product recommendations?

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    wave gauge

    hi i am manikandan
    tow types of wave gauge are their
    2. directional
    you want to measure only water movement means use non-directional
    you want to measure, including direction means you use directional wavegauge..
    Best wave gauge company name
    valeport from uk

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