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Thread: Harbor Branch Lecture Series

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    Harbor Branch Lecture Series

    The attached photo is of Dr. Brian Lapointe in the Florida Bay dead-zone.

    Attached is information about the 2009 Ocean Science Lecture Series offered by Harbor Branch Oceanographic Institute at Florida Atlantic University. This educational outreach program provides a forum for Harbor Branch/FAU scientists to share their most recent discoveries with our neighboring communities. The series began on Wednesday, January 7, 2009 and continues weekly through April 1, 2009. Lectures are held weekly on Wednesday at 4 and 7 PM. Admission to this popular lecture series is free.

    This Wednesday’s lecture (January 28), “Harmful Algal Blooms on Caribbean Coral Reefs,” will feature Dr. Brian Lapointe, Research Professor in the Center for Marine Ecosystem Health at Harbor Branch Oceanographic Institute at Florida Atlantic University. While much of his work has been centered in the Florida Keys, Dr. Lapointe will present an overview of the pioneering work he and his colleagues performed in various parts of the Caribbean region, including the Belize Barrier Reef, Martinique, Jamaica, and Bonaire. He will also provide an update of his long-term monitoring at Looe Key reef in the lower Florida Keys, which represents the longest low-level nutrient record for a coral reef anywhere in the world. Dr. Lapointe will also discuss recent legislation and policy changes that are intended to improve water quality by reducing excessive nutrient pollution of South Florida’s coastal waters.

    Dr. Lapointe’s research is funded in part by the SAVE OUR SEAS Florida specialty license plate. The Harbor Branch Oceanographic Institution Foundation directs proceeds from the sale of these plates to support research on vital ecosystems like the Indian River Lagoon, sea grass, and coral reef communities.
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    Power Point slides from the lecture

    HAB, eurotrophication, nutrient overloads from sewage and agriculture were the topics of discussion at the lecture series, hosted by Harbor Branch and Dr. Brian Lapointe.
    Dr. Lapointe is a Staff Marine Biologist and Professor at Harbor Branch.
    His CV is remarkable, HBOI, Woods Hole, USGS, ICRS, to name a few..
    I posted a few slides from the presentation on OceanRehab's blog site.
    Dr. Laponte has been on a research study of HAB in the Caribbean, a few locations include:
    Florida Bay
    Florida Keys
    -the condition of most of the reefs that surround Jamaica, Belize, and the Florida Keys are in a collapsed state, or being suffocated by Algae. Land Based Nutrients is the culprit. Sewage and Agriculture.

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