SSAI is seeking a Biological Oceanographer to work with the Calibration and Validation Office (CVO) at Goddard Space Flight Center to conduct studies in ocean color calibration and validation activities in optically complex waters. The successful candidate will participate in research inquiries in the field to acquire data, and in the laboratory, to calibrate field instruments, and subsequently to analyze data and synthesize the results. Emphasis will be placed on coastal ocean observations from both field sampling and satellite remote sensing sources with the majority of the former associated with measuring the inherent optical properties of seawater. The Oceanographer will collaborate with existing CVO science team members to address ecological factors associated with ocean color remote sensing in coastal ocean regions

Position Requirements:
Position requirements include an M.S. in Physics, Oceanography, or a related field, with 3 years experience, or an equivalent combination of education and experience. Also required is a competence of in-water radiometry, with particular knowledge in the deployment of instrumentation for measuring inherent optical properties (IOP) of seawater, such as a WETLabs ac-9 or ac-s for absorption and attenuation data acquisition. Extensive field campaign experience in coastal or shallow aquatic environments and participation in scientific cruises; proven calibration capabilities, in both a laboratory and field setting, of IOP instrumentation; and computer skills commensurate with scientific data acquisition, formatting, processing, visualization, and analysis are also necessary to this position

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Application deadline: 1/09/2008