Call for Abstracts:

022. Trace Metal Biogeochemistry - Interactions Between Atmosphere and Ocean

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Organizers: Philip W. Boyd, University of Otago,; Mark L. Wells, University of Maine,; Peter Sedwick, Bermuda Biological Station for Research,; Benjamin S. Twining, University of South Carolina,

It now is evident that trace metals have entered the biogeochemical mainstream through their pivotal role in the cycling of carbon, silicon, nitrogen, sulfur and phosphorus. The field of trace metal biogeochemistry is rapidly evolving, in part through international programs like GEOTRACES, SOLAS and CLIVAR, but a series of major challenges limit our abilities to incorporate trace metals into models of major element cycling. Trace metal supply to the upper ocean from both underlying waters and atmospheric aerosol transport is poorly constrained, as is trace metal incorporation into biological processes and their export to the deep ocean. An earth system approach is required to fully comprehend the elemental cycles of trace metals, and the increasing use of stable isotopic tracers likely will be an important stepping stone to meet this challenge. These and other trace metal studies are needed to underpin modeling efforts aimed at understanding how ocean biogeochemistry impacts global climate in both the past and into the future. We encourage submissions from the cellular to the ocean basin scale that address these critical issues.

Ocean Sciences Meeting: From the Watershed to the Global Ocean
Orlando, Florida, on March 2-7, 2008.
*Abstract deadline is October 2, 2007*