The SLEIWEX team invites applications from qualified students to enter the PhD program at the Department of Physics & Physical Oceanography at Memorial University of Newfoundland.The ideal candidate will have a strong background in Physics, Mathematics, Fluid Mechanics or Physical Oceanography, and will creative and autonomous enough to define a research project within the broad SLEIWEX goals of measuring, modelling and parameterizing the generation, propagation and dissipation of high-frequency, solitary-like internal waves in coastal environments. An important field season is planned for the summer of 2008 in the St. Lawrence Estuary (for background detail, see the Publications tab above). We expect the student to participate actively in the planning and sampling phases of this experiment, which will involve deploying instruments for measuring internal waves and turbulence, such as acoustic Doppler current profilers (ADCP), acoustic Doppler velocimeters (ADV), scientific echo-sounders and microstructure profilers. Strong candidates will already have experience in fieldwork and/or the analysis of coastal turbulence measurements ( e.g. computing Reynold's stresses from ADCPs, dissipation rates from shear microstructure or turbulent kinetic energy from ADVs). Some of the later work will involve numerical modelling, but we are not looking for a student whose primary interest is modelling. The student will be supervised by Dr. Bourgault at Memorial University and co-supervised by other researchers of the SLEIWEX team. The base annual salary will be $25 000 (CAD) for 3 years. The total salary may be more if the student does Teaching Assistantships (approximately an additional $3000 / year) that will be available. Ideally, the candidate will enter the program in the summer or fall of 2007, and so the nominal deadline for this position is 27 January 2007. Later applications may be considered afterwards if no suitable candidate has been found by then. Interested students should contact Dr. Bourgault at