Two Ph.D. candidate position are open to study aerosols with an Aerodyne
time of flight aerosol mass spectrometer (ToF-AMS).

One PhD study shall focus on particles of vehicle emissions including test bench measurements, smog chamber investigations, field measurements including mobile van studies.
The second study shall focus on particles of wood stoves (logwood and pellets), smog chamber and field measurements including mobile van experiments. Besides the AMS, other instrumentation will be used for the characterization of the particles.

Candidate profile:

This position requires an enthusiastic and creative scientist interested in atmospherically relevant questions and a masters or equivalent degree in chemistry, physics, or environmental sciences. General experience in experimental work (optimally including mass spectrometry) is needed and
specific knowledge in the area of aerosol science is advantageous. A very high level in spoken and written English is a prerequisite, German advantageous. The candidate must have affinity for practical work and
cooperation in a multidisciplinary team. Interest and experience in multivariate statistics are advantageous as well.

Potential candidates should contact the address below, sending their CV
including a list of publications.

information on our laboratory:
information on the Aerodyne-AMS:


Andre Prevot
Laboratory of Atmospheric Chemistry
Paul Scherrer Institut
CH-5232 Villigen PSI
Tel: +41 56 310 4202
Fax: +41 56 310 4525
e-mail: andre.prevot[at]

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