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  1. JRF position in DST SERB sponsored project, AMET University, Chennai

    Applications are invited for the following assignment on a purely time-bound research project
    undertaken in the Department of Harbour & Ocean Engineering, AMET University, Chennai

    For further...
  2. National Symposium and Annual convention on RS and GIS, December 4-6,2013

    National Symposium On Remote Sensing For Environment With Special Emphasis On Marine And Coastal Dynamics And Annual Conventions Of ISRS And ISG December 4-6,2013 At Visakhapatnam.

    This mega event...
  3. How to convert HDF to ASCII file by using MATLAB


    Is it possible to convert HDF to ASCII format by using MATLAB?,
    i am new to Matlab.:angel3: so plz kindly help me

    Thanks and Regards
    Senthil nathan.
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