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Basic Information

Date of Birth
November 18, 1981 (37)
About aboobacker
Aboobacker V.M.
Location/Research Institute:
King Abdulaziz University
Saudi Arabia
Assistant Professor
Research Interests:
Global climate change, waves
Interests, Hobbies:
Playing football, travelling and nature
MSc/PhD Thesis:
Wave transformation at select locations along the Indian coast through measurments, modelling and remote sensing
MSc/PhD Institute & Batch [Years of study]:
MSc, CUSAT, 2003 / PhD, Goa University, 2011
1. P.R. Shanas, Aboobacker, V.M., Alaa M.A. Albarakaati, Khalid M. Zubier, 2017: Superimposed wind-waves in the Red Sea, Ocean Engineering, 138: 9 – 22.
2. Aboobacker, V.M., P.R. Shanas, M.A. Alsaafani, Alaa M.A. Albarakaati, 2017: Wave energy resource assessment for Red Sea, Renewable Energy, 114, 46-58.
3. Aboobacker, V.M., 2017: Wave energy resource assessment for eastern Bay of Bengal and Malacca Strait, Renewable Energy, 114, 72-84.
4. Aboobacker, V.M., M. Seemanth, S.V. Samiksha, K. Sudheesh, K. Jyoti and P. Vethamony., 2014: Sea breeze-induced wind sea growth in the central west coast of India, Ocean Engineering, 84(1), 20-28.
5. Vinod Kumar, K., M. Seemanth, P. Vethamony and V.M. Aboobacker, 2014: On the spatial structure and time evolution of Shamal winds over the Arabian Sea – a case study through numerical modelling, International Journal of Climatology, 34(6), 2122-2128.
6. Grinson George, Dattesh .V. Desai, Chetan A. Gaonkar., V. M. Aboobacker, P. Vethamony and Arga Chandrashekar Anil, 2013: Barnacle larval transport in the Mandovi-Zuari estuarine system, central west coast of India, Journal of Oceanography, 69, 452-466.
7. Aboobacker, V.M., P. Vethamony, S.V. Samiksha, R. Rashmi and K. Jyoti, 2013: Wave transformation and attenuation along the west coast of India: measurements and numerical simulations, Coastal Engineering Journal, 55, doi: 10.1142/S0578563413500010, 1-21.
8. Rashmi, R., V.M. Aboobacker, P. Vethamony and M.P. John, 2013: Co-existence of wind seas and swells along the west coast of India during non-monsoon season, Ocean Science, 9, 281-292.
9. Vethamony, P., R. Rashmi, S.V. Samiksha, V.M. Aboobacker, 2013: Recent studies on wind seas and swells in the Indian Ocean: a review, International Journal of Ocean and Climate Systems, 4, 65-75.
10. Samiksha, S.V., P. Vethamony, Aboobacker, V.M. and R. Rashmi, 2012: Propagation of Atlantic Ocean swells in the north Indian Ocean: a case study, Natural Hazards and Earth System Sciences,
Contact Address:
Aboobacker V.M.
Assistant Professor
Faculty of Marine Sciences
King Abdulaziz University
Jeddah, Saudi Arabia
Permanent Address:
Pavoorayil (H)
Kallur (P.O.)
Thrissur, Kerala -679562

Ph: 91(0)4872541654


Dr. Aboobacker V.M.
Assistant Professor
Faculty of Marine Sciences
King Abdulaziz University (KAU)
Jeddah, Saudi Arabia


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