Oceanographers Net FAQ

Here you can find answers to questions about how the board works. Use the links or search box below to find your way around.

Posting, Replying and Editing on the Forums

'Forums' is the main section in this site were the discussions go on and articles are posted. In the Forums, there are a number of forums on each specific topic. You can get into this forum by clicking on the respective links.

Posting Messages/Threads
Now, if you have a new information to provide, for example in Research/Job Opportunities, Go to Research/Job Opportunities through the Research Opportunities link in the front page or Forums -> Research/Job Opportunities. Then inside Research/Job Opportunities you will see a button "New Thread" Click on it and you will get a page to fill in the information. Now after that, click on "Submit new thread". You are done!

Replying to Messages/Threads
Interaction and discussion is what is meant on this website. If you want to reply to an information someone posted or you want to know more or discuss it, Go to the specific post you want to reply and click on "Post Reply" button. Rest is taken care of!

Editing your own posts
Any threads posted by you can be edited by yourself. Use the "Edit" button under your post.

If you want to remove any of your posts completely, please ask one of the moderators.

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