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25th March 2010, 04:57 AM
Does anyone know "Back trajectory method" ????

1st April 2010, 06:07 AM
Hi Vidya,

Back trajectory refers to tracking a water parcel or tracer backward in time and space. Lagrangian floats can be
used to track a water parcel backward in time, in order to find its location of origin. Lagrangian trajectories
are simply defined as P(x,y,z,t) = integral of -U.dt, where U is the three dimensional ocean currents and P(x,y,z,t)
is the position of particle in space and time. The negative sign of U used in the tracking refers to the reversed
currents because the tracking is backward in space. Such tracking gives only the advection of water parcel,
because dispersive properties are not included. For further reading, search for Lagrangian trajectories in the Ocean
and find more reference.

hope this helps.