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28th December 2004, 07:26 AM
Earth quake is a real threat as it 'quakes' many life.
The most worst thing is that, a decent forecast can not be achieved
with any degree of certainity. So what the rest we can do is to be
'alert'. How?

Buoys can be deployed in the ocean and sattelite can keep a
communication with it. The wave signals can be track on the spot
and communicated to the land so that at least we get a favorable time
to evacuate 'life' from the near shore areas.

The picture shows how it is practical. As many developed countries has
this monitoring system.

Now the real question is, How efficiently a poor country like South East Asian region can make use of it.

A multi nationwide monitoring would be the key in tackling these life devasting threats.

29th December 2004, 06:34 AM
Yes, it is said that most of those people could have been
saved if they had a tsunami warning system in place or tide gauges.

It is very costly.. It's estimated that joining the tsunami warning
system would cost around Rs 1,000 crore. While that does seem steep,
contrasting that with the human and economic costs of the tsunami
paints a different picture altogether - almost 11,000 priceless human lives,
estimates of 30,000 missing, and millions displaced. The economic cost
to business alone is estimated at Rs 2,000 crore.

6th January 2005, 07:56 AM
As vinu said, the possibility of a multi nationwide monitoring is being checked
now. As read from several reports, President of India APJ Abdul Kalam at a
Science Congress said India would soon have a tsunami warning system on the
lines of the Pacific Tsunami Warning Centre to prevent future disasters in the
region. There will be a coordination between the warning system in India and
that in the Pacific and the two centres will exchange data to forewarn about
such shock embedded tidal waves. The Pacific nations have a tsunami warning
system which is designed to protect 26 Pacific countries from distant-source

Meanwhile, The Geological Survey of India (GSI) says it will soon install an
earthquake monitoring system, seismic sensors and geodetic GPS in Andaman
and Nicobar Islands to survey the aftershocks, in the tsunami-ravaged islands.
This movement is but mainly to survey the aftershocks.. so not a warning