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7th December 2006, 08:30 AM
Hi friends,

Is there anyone working with WAM model?
I have WAM Cycle 3 version 4 installed here, but there is no manual (describing the commands and options in the control files) for that. I couldn't get the same from internet also.The manual we are having consists only of a brief introduction of model equations and the programs and routines used in the model.If anyone of you is having a detailed manual describing the usage of the options in the (8) control files and the required format of the inputs to the model, please post it here.

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8th December 2006, 08:09 AM
Yes, I am working with the WAM model. But I don't have any PDF manual of WAM model code. You can get the information about the WAM code in the text book " Dynamics and modeling of ocean waves" by Komen et al., 1994, Cambridge Univ. Press.
Go to Chapter III , PP 239, You can find what you need.
Hope this will help you

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14th December 2006, 04:16 AM
Thank you Rajesh, for the reply.
The book is very helpful in understanding more about WAM.But what exactly I need is a description of the WAM software, not the theory part of it.
For example, what are the options for giving bathymetry? Is it compulsory to give it in hexadecimal format or can i make changes in the control files so that it will accept bathymetry in ASCII format also. In what format should I give bathymetry (like for example 10F(6.2) ) and wind? What are the quantities written in the CBO files and in what format are they written? There are two options for model run-as a deep water model and a shallow water model(See wamcat.frm-model options). What are the implications of each of these options?........
I will be thankful to you if you can tell me where to look at for getting answers to such questions.
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16th December 2006, 04:30 AM
Dear Sandhya,

First of all let me clear you one thing…. the bathymetry file which is one of the input to the WAM model is not in hexadecimal format…you might be confused with the way in which the data written in the bathymetry file. ‘000E’ doesn’t mean that it is a hexadecimal format….it simply gives the information to the model, that the point is in land. ‘E’ means elevation. And ‘999D’ means it is a deep-water point. And all others are shallow water points (say 25D means 25 m depth).

If you want to change the format, you can do it but the same time you should know where to change in the source code (preprowk.f)…otherwise it will create problem. I didn’t change the bathymetry format but I had change the wind input format. It is better to keep the bathymetry in the same format ….The format of wind speed can be changed (plz see presetwk.f) as you like.

The ‘CBO’ contains the information about the Boundary values; similarly ‘MAP’ file contains all the information about the output fields, which is more important for us.

You can run the WAM model for both shallow and deep water….but it depends on the domain we choose and generally WAM doesn’t perform well in shallow water.

Everything is there in source file ( *.F). I didn’t find any manual from web. if u get it plz share it.

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19th December 2006, 08:57 AM
Dear Rajesh,
Thanks a lot for the clarification on bathymetry file.
But still I need some more help. In the present set up here, the model is installed for the region -30N to 30N and 30E to 120E. I want to extend it further towards south, say upto 60S. Then the bathymetry file (say osfdepth.dat) in terms of E and D will have to be given for the region. For this I need to construct a new bathymetry file. Suppose I constructed a bathymetry file from ETOPO5 in ASCII format(ascii values of depth at each grid point, from south to north and from west to east). How do I convert it to the bathymetry file which WAM requires(in terms of E & D)? At what depth is it considered deep? I mean, at what value of actual depth should I write 999D instead of the actual depth?
Also, do I have to construct more blocks(at present the model is having 5 blocks) or will the model itself will divide the region into blocks?
I know that CBO is Coarse boundary output spectrum for the grid points along the latitude and longitude specified in prepcat.frm. I want to convert the binary files CBO* to readable format. For this I want to know what exactly is written to CBO files and in what format. Like, all the frequencies first in some format, then all the directions and then all the energies for a grid point.............Then the same for the next grid point.....If you know anything regarding the details of any of these points, please share it.

After lots of searching I got a technical report, not a manual.I wrote to authors to get a manual, but didn't get a positive reply. I am attaching the report here for you.

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12th January 2007, 04:11 AM
Sorry for the delay,

Actually I forgot to reply as that time I was busy and also I was not in station for 2 weeks. As you mentioned in the last post, you need to make a bathymetry file as per the existing format. For that you can write a C or Fortran program. The condition for deep water is >= 120 m, can be replaced with 999D. for < 120 u can just add 'D' at the end. All land points can be replaced with 000E. The CBOs are written in binary and I don't knw in what format the information is written in that.

I really thank you for sharing the WAM model manual. It is really useful. Thanks

feel free to discuss more about WAM.