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  1. Free Softwares available for Oceanographic mapping
  2. Ferret Color pallate suitable for anomaly ploting
  3. Need information: Dissolved Organic Matter using the ocean colour data
  4. plotting contours in matlab
  5. multiple regression equations
  6. matlab help: inverse matrix
  7. ncdump
  8. NASA World Wind 1.2e
  9. contour analysis in visual basic
  10. Multivariate analysis
  11. contour fill in matlab
  12. matlab tools for ocean studies
  13. multiple data handling
  14. How to make a FORTRAN library
  15. numerical simulation book for oceanography
  16. The Earth’s Variable Rotation DATA
  17. How can i plot a graph showing the Current Speed and Direction VS Depth ???????????
  18. topographic map
  19. reading netcdf in MATLAB
  20. ray tracing software
  21. TMI
  22. SWAN model
  23. Meteorological Tables
  24. conversion of HDF to ASCII
  25. High resolution wind
  26. Ocean/Met Glossary
  27. SST data
  28. Query? Software for Non-linear multiple regression method
  29. I need moored buoy data
  30. how to create stick plots?
  31. stat: influence in regression analysis
  32. stepwisefit.m
  33. Program to derive mixing height
  34. Comparing current direction and strength with other parameters
  35. odv
  36. EOF Analysis
  37. Request
  38. Interpolation fortran program for the temperature and salinity
  39. Convert netcdf to plain ASCII
  40. Seamat's gpan
  41. hdf processing in matlab.. dedicated forum
  42. Matlab 2d Fft
  43. Coherens
  44. Matlab for Self-Organizing Maps
  45. Side Scan Sonar
  46. About working on GRADS for a Beginner
  47. Mapping of sea weed locations
  48. help: How to transfer data?
  49. Publications: Normal mode of Oscillation
  50. ADCP-eof analysis
  51. About Downloading Fortran
  52. Need Ocean Climatology Data
  53. Short wave flux ???
  54. Need for papers
  55. correlation
  56. seaWifs chl-a data in ascii
  57. Solar flux retrieval from ERBE of CERES
  58. Regridding in Grads
  59. LOWESS, regression??
  60. 3-D interpolation
  61. Convsh : A good tool to deal with GRIB data
  62. If..then..elseif...then.. Endif ???
  63. installation of HDF libraries in Linux enterprise edition
  64. TMI rain over land?
  65. need ETOPO2 data
  66. E-P data
  67. A Python implementation of the Data Access Protocol
  68. online data of wind speed, direction and rainfall at any location
  69. Do any one have pdf manual for learning FORTRAN90?
  70. how to draw wind rose diagram in MATLAB?
  71. Interpolation Fortran Code
  72. Jebar Term
  73. Reading FTP files into MatLab .DAT files
  74. Plotting help reqd.
  75. how to plot confidence level for FFT peaks
  76. netcdf files in MATLAB in WINDOWS
  77. netCDF file combaining--help needed.
  78. Need help on (In situ:ARGO data)
  79. NetCDF to MatLab simplified
  80. ADCP spatial plots in matlab
  81. to produce surface contour from vertical section data sets using ferret?
  82. Modis Spectral Surface Albedo
  83. regrid command
  84. QSCAT Wind stress?
  85. wind speed data
  86. Aviso SSH data: Combining datasets
  87. netcdf software
  88. pom migration from 98 to 2k
  89. How to read the name of a series of files in matlab?
  90. Wave Watch III
  91. Deleting Files from Fortran
  92. Wind stress curl
  93. zooplankton modelling
  94. Wavelets
  95. Can any one say how to read this txt file in MATLAB
  96. Ladcp
  97. Matlab subroutine:- Geostrophic velocity
  98. IDL (Interactive Data Language) Software
  99. How to openand read .netCDF and .HDF files in MATLAB?
  100. Navigation
  101. how to draw contour color plot using irregular and regular datasets in MATLAB?
  102. Can you about ROMS?
  103. how to read time in hh:mm:ss and convert to hours?
  104. Difference between cross-correlation coeff. R and linear fitting R-square
  105. Quiver
  106. convertion from temperature data 2 vertical displacement
  107. Help me please.........
  108. wavelet denoising
  109. EOF analysis. Help.....
  110. postscript output: need a help
  111. Merging two netcdf files
  112. Loading .dat file into Matlab.
  113. How can I load a .dat file in IDL programming?
  114. Numerical expressions for Solar and satellite zenith angles and azimuth angles
  115. How to convert .dat BINARY FILE into ASCII FILE using MATLAB?
  116. Data Interpolation
  117. doubt in filtering of sst data
  118. Pls help: scatter plot/correlation
  119. hycom
  120. How to get the ASCII data of CALIPSO data?
  121. data conversion
  122. Filtering White Noise
  123. How to quantify advection????
  124. Tecplot 360 - exporting issue
  125. 3D array in MATLAB
  126. Plotting 3D data in Matlab
  127. How to convert NETCDF file to ASCII file
  128. matlab
  129. sediment dynamics
  130. Trigon plot generator
  131. how to remve repated bins from hydrographic profile
  132. Can anyone help me read the attached text file in MATLAB?
  133. Software to plot oceanographic data
  134. anybody help me tell me how to plot this kind of image
  135. Is there a function to sort columns in a CSV file in MATLAB?
  136. doubt: convergence of ocean currents
  137. How to Read Surface Ocean Velocity
  138. Convention for winds and currents (in ocean) are confusing mee..!
  139. problem in installing netcdf tool and mexnc
  140. Lag correlation
  141. how to plot vertical profile(T profile)
  142. climatology
  143. Does any Graphical User Interface (GUI) exist for SWAN?
  144. ARGO DATA analysis
  145. Data Assimilation
  146. How to extract all data points enclosed in an irregular geo-location boundary matrix?
  147. plot ROMS station data
  148. how to convert ROMS sigma coordinate to Z coordinate
  149. How to plot scatter plot with colorbar in MATLAB?
  150. Converting ASCII data file to netCDF file
  151. Derive geostrophic current
  152. Correlation coefficient for vectorial timeseries
  153. current and waves data
  154. Help reading Grib1 Data (win32)
  155. Help to read HDF file in ferret
  156. Ferret Installation for Beginners
  157. Upwelling Index Calculation
  158. Help in extracting points in NetCDF file
  159. Any suggestion on how to plot xyz(depth, speed, direction) ocean current dataset?
  160. ocean bottom roughness
  161. WaveWatch III Forecast spectral OpenDap - Atlantic Ocean - Brazilian Coast
  162. Extracting desired lon/lat and saving data for it
  163. For the EOF analysis and Co-relation.
  164. GRIB file reader
  165. Complex Demodulation Help