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  1. Science taps into ocean secrets
  2. Renewed news on..Strong quake hits Andamans, tremors in Andhra, Orissa, TN
  3. In graphics: Asia earthquake explained
  4. Tsunami kills thousands across nations
  5. Just have a look on how Tsunami reached India
  6. Scientists divided over ecological impact
  7. NIO Bulletin on the 26 December Tsunami
  8. Simulations, remote sensed views, images & videos of Tsunami 26 Dec 2004
  9. NIO-News:NIO Teams on visit to tsunami affected areas
  10. Sumatran quake sped up Earth's rotation
  11. NASA Study Links Wind and Current Changes to Indian Ocean Warming
  12. Earth rang like a bell
  13. West coast almost safe from tsunami waves: Dr. Satish Shetye
  14. Quake changed earth's shape, rotation
  15. TRMM Satellite Proves El Niño Holds the Reins on Global Rains
  16. Tsunami stories: Don't believe!
  17. NASA Releases Desktop Climate-Modeling Software, For Free
  18. Worldwide Coral Reef Library
  19. Titanium dumped on Indian east coast beaches
  20. Saharan Dust Affects Thunderstorm Behavior In Florida
  21. Scientists discover 430,000-year-old organisms in the Indian Ocean. Date 10/12/2000
  22. India goes ahead with tsunami warning system
  23. International Science Team Measures Arctic's Atmosphere
  24. Are our oceans turning acidic?
  25. Nasa Development May Help Solve Ocean Biology Problem
  26. World Water Day-2005
  27. Pile-up as berg hits Antarctica
  28. Antarctic glaciers in mass retreat
  29. Warming of the Eurasian Landmass Is Making the Arabian Sea More Productive
  30. Mystery Undersea Extinction Cycle Discovered
  31. Greenhouse effect confirmed by new NASA ocean study
  32. ‘Dead Zone’ Area In Gulf Could Be Increasing, Researchers Say
  33. Defence Laboratory, NPOL, won the rolling Silicon trophy for 2004
  34. Sea Level Rise Set to Increase Significantly, Say Researchers
  35. The 13th Annual World Ocean Day is June 8!
  36. Scientists Monitor Largest Red Tide Outbreak in 12 Years in Massachusetts Bay
  37. Preliminary Assessment of Impact of Tsunami in Selected Coastal Areas of India
  38. Monsoon Flooding in India
  39. Aral Sea, the lost sea:Kazakhstan's tragedy
  40. Tsunami guru, IIT- KGP working on tidal atlas
  41. IIT-KGP to set up CORAL
  42. Earth from Space: Lake Kariba, Zambia-Zimbabwe border
  43. East Australian Current
  44. Nature outlook: INDIA
  45. CO2 and prehistoric extinction
  46. Sethusamudram: A doctor's perspective
  47. Images Of Hurricane Katrina Damage
  48. Giant Squid Photographed in deep sea
  49. Nasa Scientists Confirm Toxic Seas During Earth's Evolution
  50. Cryosat, the Europe Ice Mission lost in the ocean
  51. World Temperatures Keep Rising With a Hot 2005
  52. Kyoto Protocol and Future
  53. Infrared technology makes it possible to "see" breaking waves in open ocean as never
  54. Satellites capture first-ever gravity map of tides under Antarctic ice
  55. Polar bears drown as ice shelf melts
  56. The Ocean Talks to Those Who Listen
  57. Weakened thermohaline circulation will increase snow cover over Europe
  58. Is the U.S. vulnerable to a tsunami?
  59. India putting in place indigenous tsunami warning system
  60. MSG-2 will advance long-term monitoring of Earth's energy balance
  61. Commemorating the Indian Ocean Tsunami..
  62. Global Warming Can Cause Extreme Climate Change
  63. U.S.-French oceanography satellite decommissioned after 13 years
  64. Arctic taking on most of global heat
  65. Isro plans sensors in ocean bed
  66. Global Warming
  67. The red rain phenomenon of Kerala and its possible extraterrestrial origin
  68. Arctic Ocean ice surges onto Alaskan shore
  69. 2005 was warmest year on record
  70. The Great Drying of Africa
  71. SeaSAR 2006: Satellite radar reveals ever-changing face of the ocean
  72. Egyptian ship carrying 1,300 people sinks
  73. Deep-sea robot photograph
  74. Rebuilding Asia's coastal barrier
  75. Horror of hotter world hits home - - Extreme conditions predicted for India
  76. Shanghai to expand tsunami warnings
  77. Earth from Space: ALOS sends its first image
  78. End of the world in 1,000 years?
  79. AGU Ocean science meeting starts yesterday
  80. Elephant seals dive for science
  81. Analyzing Ancient Sediments at Warp Speed
  82. Four years on, Envisat hailed for its contribution to Earth science
  83. Ocean Scientists Use Cruise Ships for Data
  84. The critical importance of mangroves to ocean life
  85. New research forecasts better weather forecasts
  86. La Nina developing in the Pacific Ocean
  87. Expedition reveals secret lives of deep-sea fish
  88. The Math Of Deadly Waves
  89. Vessel returns from voyage across the Pacific
  90. Dust Busters for the Oceans
  91. Indian Ocean coral may die in 50 years
  92. New Sonar Method Offers Window into Squid Nurseries
  93. New geosciences model explains ocean formation
  94. Scientists Use Satellites to Detect Deep-ocean Whirlpools
  95. What Brings the Food that Brings the Whales?
  96. Antarctic Ice Collision
  97. Help with Oceans Community Letter to the Decadal Survey
  98. Walrus Calves Stranded by Melting Sea Ice
  99. Research Consortium Studies Air Quality over Indian Ocean
  100. Scientists Find Origin Of Mystery Boom
  101. Weather system in new stable
  102. Pollution, Greenhouse Gases and Climate Clash in South Asia
  103. Icebreaker sent to evacuate personnel from North Pole 34 station
  104. Ocean Society Of India
  105. WHOI President and Director Robert Gagosian Steps Down
  106. 7.2 quake triggers tsunami on Indonesia's Java island
  107. Global Warming Cited in Wind Shift:
  108. Study finds rogue waves are fact, not myth
  109. Jellyfish slow Japanese nuke plant
  110. Scientists Gear Up to Launch Ocean Observing Networks
  111. Global Warming and Hurricanes
  112. GOOS
  113. Heat Wave in Western Europe
  114. seawater turns sweet in mumbai creek
  115. CLIVAR
  116. Tsunami Travel Time Prediction using Neural Networks
  117. Rare high-altitude clouds found on Mars
  118. SeaTechWeek 2006
  119. Oil Spill near Guimaras Island
  120. Observations Of Oceanic Internal Waves In Bay Of Bengal
  121. Seeking answers where river meets ocean
  122. Study Shows Importance Of Iron In Ocean Productivity, Carbon Up
  123. Monsoon Floods in Northern India
  124. Monsoon Failure During El Niño
  125. Looking for the U.S. JGOFS Final Data Report?
  126. ISS transit in front of Sun
  127. Alert!!! (from TAO Project) 30/09/2006
  128. Record ozone loss during 2006 over South Pole
  129. IOD forecast.
  130. ElNino returns
  131. Complex meteorology at Venus
  132. Fires in Northwest India
  133. Ocean Remote Sensing Links
  134. Rare Event: Mercury to Cross the Sun Nov. 8
  135. AKARI’s view of Large Magellanic Cloud – star formation at work
  136. Stormy weather in the North Sea
  137. Journal of Earth System Science.
  138. Ocean Society of India Meeting
  139. New Marine ROV Simulator Launched
  140. Spacecraft fleet zeroing in on Martian water reserves
  141. Explore planet Earth in near-real time
  142. The PSLV - Launch seen from ISS !!!
  143. Sunderban dying of global warming
  144. Huge waves that hit Reunion Island tracked from space
  145. Difficult choice
  146. News Release : Fragmented Structure of Seafloor Faults May Dampen Effects of Earthqua
  147. "Climate Change 2007"--IPCC 4th Assessment Report
  148. Nobel Prize for Peace-2007 goes to IPCC
  149. Reynolds SST at 0.25x0.25x1-day resolution
  150. RADARSAT-2 Launched Successfully
  151. Extended Reconstructed Sea Surface Temperature (ERSST.v3)
  152. New 49-year global air-sea flux
  153. New pCO2, air-sea CO2 data Takahashi (2008) now available ...
  154. GOSAT started website and Research Announcements
  155. Nature Geosciences !
  156. Edward Lorenz, father of chaos theory and butterfly effect, dies at 90
  157. The Earth Day 2008-A Call for Climate
  158. Major Arctic sea ice melt is expected this summer
  159. Student Survey
  160. 11th International Coral Reef Symposium 2008
  161. Last 30 days in Florida; Environment News
  162. International conference in ocean engineering-2009 IIT chennai
  163. Reef Check writes EarthRehab
  164. 'artificial upwelling'
  165. http://www.nature.com/news/2008/081029/full/4551163f.html
  166. Good to the last drop; Water Lectures in Florida
  167. Special issue on Lunar mission, 2005, J. Earth System Sciences.
  168. EarthRehab and Woods Hole
  169. Recent intensification of tropical climate variability in the Indian Ocean
  170. The response of the Antarctic Circumpolar Current to recent climate change
  171. 5th European Conference on Severe Storms
  172. Critical Habitat denied for N. Palm Beach
  173. Scatterometer Climatology of Ocean Winds (SCOW)
  174. 'Coastal tree barriers cannot halt tsunami'
  175. Decline of fog, mist and haze in Europe over the past 30 years
  176. Changes in the phase of the annual cycle of surface temperature
  177. Warming of the Antarctic ice-sheet
  178. GOSAT news
  179. Economy down, Ecology up in 2008
  180. Arabian Snow: Emirate of Ras Al Khaimah Gets Coated in White
  181. Dr. John Marr addresses Florida Divers in 2009
  182. Shifting Westerlies; J. R. Toggweiler; Science 13 March 2009: Vol. 323. no. 5920, pp.
  183. Information about arXive:
  184. Back to the Moon
  185. Аquazond Moored Automatic Measuring System
  186. The Future of Whaling
  187. Climate change triggering cyclones
  188. Cooking fires weakening the Indian monsoon??
  189. Newest Breed of Archival Tag (press release)
  190. Buoy damage blurs El Niño forecasts
  191. Another CRI in Florida and the 2010 Florida Reef Project
  192. 10.21.09 Petition filed in US to protect coral species
  193. News: Staghorn Critical Habitat and Palm Beach Florida
  194. $4 million Awarded by Sea Grant for Central California MPA monitoring, congrats RC
  195. December 2010- U.S. Congress banned shark finning in all U.S. waters
  196. Ocean Rehab celebrates John Pennekamp 50th anniversary: A Conservation video
  197. News: World Bank investment in Oceans/Reefs. 2007-2010 ICRI Report
  198. An Atlantis under the Indian ocean
  199. Breakthrough in tapping fire ice - a promising future fuel
  200. Fear of buccaneers opens a vast "data hole" in the Indian Ocean
  201. Early victims of ocean acidification could go extinct this century
  202. Atlantic Ocean to disappear from earth
  203. Challenging the “invasion hypothesis”
  204. Evidence for long-term warming effects of tropical cyclones on the ocean
  205. why there is more sea ice in Antarctica, even in a warming world?
  206. The Footprint of Continental-Scale Ocean Currents on the Biogeography of Seaweeds
  207. Evidence for enhanced upwelling in the Southern Ocean during the last deglaciation
  208. Global Carbon Budget 2013
  209. How fast are the tropics expanding?
  210. Antarctica losing ice: ESA’s CryoSat
  211. Researchers use ocean waves to predict seismic shaking
  212. Increasing frequency of extreme El Niño events due to greenhouse warming
  213. Whales from Space
  214. Taming hurricanes with arrays of offshore wind turbines
  215. Climate change could release more ancient viruses
  216. Waves' detected on Titan's seas
  217. How could ocean currents affect search for missing Malaysian Airlines flight MH370?
  218. Challenge to Titanic sinking theory; year of exceptional number of icebergs overruled
  219. Ocean Digest, Quarterly Newsletter from Ocean Society of India, Pune
  220. A single drop of seawater, magnified 25 times
  221. Whales Have a Taste for Salt (And Nothing Else…)
  222. Cephalopods Inspire New Technology, From Camouflaged Uniforms to Disappearing Cars
  223. Undersea Volcanoes Discovered in MH370 Jet Search
  224. Mass beaching of walruses in Alaska; a sign of things to come?
  225. Ocean Digest. October 2014 Issue.
  226. 'Game-changing visual record' of Great Barrier Reef published
  227. The “Pause” in Global Warming: Explained Finally
  228. Arctic snow not darkening due to soot, dust
  229. Real time ocean surface currents estimates thanks to e-Navigation
  230. Global Seismic Network Now Extends to the Deep Oceans
  231. Deep Ocean Volcanoes
  232. IIT signs an MoU with Ministry of Earth Sciences to set up Ocean Observatory at Puri
  233. River plastic emissions to the world’s oceans
  234. Land warming revives monsoon
  235. Submesoscale Rossby waves on the Antarctic circumpolar current
  236. Citizen scientists lead to the discovery of optical structure in the upper atmosphere
  237. A new ocean current off South Africa’s coast
  238. Vertical movement of ocean waters