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  1. Ocean Acidification And Its Impact On Ecosystems
  2. Stress Buildup Precedes Large Sumatra Earthquakes: When Can We Expect The Next One?
  3. 'Barren' Seafloor Teeming With Microbial Life
  4. Large Methane Release Could Cause Abrupt Climate Change As Happened 635 Million Years
  5. Understanding Autumn Rain Decline In SE Australia
  6. Scientists Discover Stinging Truths About Jellyfish Blooms In The Bering Sea
  7. Marine Chemist Says 'Not So Fast' To Quick Oil Detection Method
  8. Antarctic Current Roils Deep Ocean Waters
  9. Coastal Management Cooperation, Enforcement Key To Avoid Pending Crisis For Millions,
  10. Antarctic Ice Stream Radiating Seismically
  11. Australian Dryness Linked To Sea Surface Temperatures
  12. Ocean Life Under Threat From Climate Change
  13. Toxic Algal Blooms May Cause Seizures In California Sea Lions
  14. Persistent Man-made Chemical Pollutants Found In Deep-sea Octopods And Squids
  15. Permafrost Threatened By Rapid Retreat Of Arctic Sea Ice, Study Finds
  16. When It Comes To Nitrogen, The 'Fix' Is In
  17. Freshwater Runoff From Greenland Ice Sheet Will More Than Double By End Of Century
  18. Marine Biologists Investigate Aliens Beneath The Waves
  19. Samoa Found To Be In Path Of Geological Hotspots, Adding Fuel To Debate Over Origins
  20. Shallow Water Corals Evolved From Deep Sea Ancestors
  21. Ocean Temperatures And Sea Level Increases 50 Percent Higher Than Previously Estimate
  22. Active Submarine Volcanoes Found Near Fiji
  23. Greenland Ice Core Analysis Shows Drastic Climate Change Near End Of Last Ice Age
  24. NASA Launches Ocean Satellite To Keep A Weather, Climate Eye Open
  25. Census Of Marine Life Lists 122,500 Known Species, Over Halfway To Complete Inventory
  26. Volcanoes Have Been Blowing Their Tops In The Deep Ocean
  27. Destruction Of Greenhouse Gases Over Tropical Atlantic May Ease Global Warming
  28. Whales Set To Chase Shrinking Feed Zones
  29. New Wind Measurement Technology May Help Olympic Sailing, Aviation and Weather Foreca
  30. Invisible Waves Shape Continental Slope
  31. Penguins Setting Off Sirens Over Health Of World's Oceans
  32. New Pathway For Methane Production In The Oceans Discovered
  33. Acidifying Oceans Add Urgency To Carbon Dioxide Cuts
  34. Juvenile Dolphin Freed From Life-Threatening Debris
  35. Scientists Integrate Data In Three Dimensions To Study Climate Effects On Young Fish
  36. Intensified Ice Sheet Movements Do Not Affect Rising Sea Levels
  37. New Coral Reefs Teeming With Marine Life Discovered In Brazil
  38. Summer Arctic Sea Ice Expected To Be Among Lowest On Record
  39. Ocean Wind Power Maps Reveal Possible Wind Energy Sources
  40. One-third Of Reef-building Corals Face Extinction
  41. New Coral Bleaching Prediction System Calls For Low Level Of Bleaching In Caribbean T
  42. Could Climate Change Impact Costa Rica? New Study Says Yes
  43. Cruise-liner Sewage Adds To Baltic Decline
  44. Record-setting Dead Zones Predicted For Gulf Of Mexico, Chesapeake Bay
  45. Undersea Volcanic Rocks Offer Vast Repository For Greenhouse Gas, Says Study
  46. Leatherback Turtles Go With The Flow
  47. NASA Mission To Be Crystal Ball Into Oceans' Future, Mirror To The Past
  48. NOAA Predicts Largest Gulf Of Mexico 'Dead Zone' On Record
  49. Fragile Antarctic Marine Life Pounded By Icebergs: Biodiversity Suffering
  50. Lionfish Decimating Tropical Fish Populations, Threatening Coral Reefs
  51. Eruptions Wiped Out Ocean Life 94 Million Years Ago
  52. Dust Storms In Sahara Desert Sustain Life In Atlantic Ocean
  53. Changes In Winds Could Have Been Cause Of Abrupt Glacial Climatic Change
  54. NOAA: Eighth Warmest June On Record For Globe
  55. Archaea, Not Bacteria, Dominate Subseafloor Ecosystem
  56. Ocean Surface A Boon For Extreme Event Forecasts, Warnings
  57. High Economic Value Set On Threatened Mexican Mangroves
  58. Microbes Beneath Sea Floor Genetically Distinct
  59. Amazon River Powers Tropical Ocean's Carbon Sink
  60. Past Climate Change: Continental Stretching Preceding The Opening Of The Drake Passag
  61. Typhoons Bury Tons Of Carbon In The Oceans
  62. Scientists Break Record By Finding Northernmost Hydrothermal Vent Field
  63. New Explanation For Monsoon Development Proposed
  64. Northern Wildfire Smoke May Cast Shadow On Arctic Warming
  65. Explosion In Marine Biodiversity Explained By Climate Change
  66. Acidification Of The Sea Hampers Reproduction Of Marine Species: Decreasing pH The Bi
  67. Snapshot Of Past Climate Reveals No Ice In Antarctica Millions Of Years Ago
  68. Isthmus Of Panama Formed As Result Of Plate Tectonics, Study Finds
  69. Timing Is Everything: How Vulnerable To Flooding Is New York City?
  70. Investigating Sea Ice Decline
  71. Arctic Map Plots New 'Gold Rush'
  72. Ocean Surface Topography Mission/Jason 2 Begins Mapping Oceans
  73. Pacific Shellfish Ready To Invade Atlantic
  74. NOAA Forecasts Even Stronger Atlantic Hurricane Season For 2008 Than Earlier Predicti
  75. Successful Series Of Measurements In Arctic Sea Ice
  76. Global Warming Will Do Little To Change Hurricane Activity, According To New Model
  77. Southern Ocean Seals Dive Deep For Climate Data
  78. Robot Vehicle Surveys Deep Sea Off Pacific Northwest
  79. Mass Extinctions And 'Rise Of Slime' Predicted For Oceans
  80. New Robot Scouts Best Locations For Components Of Undersea Lab
  81. Study Shows Continued Spread Of 'Dead Zones'; Lack Of Oxygen Now A Key Stressor On Ma
  82. 2007 Hurricane Forecasts Took Blow From Winds And Dry, Dusty Air From Sahara Desert
  83. Decline And Slow Recovery of Atlantic Salmon Illuminated With Tagging
  84. Genetics Reveals Big Fish That Almost Got Away
  85. GOCE Earth Explorer Satellite To Look At The Earth's Surface And Core
  86. Polar Bears Found Swimming Miles From Alaskan Coast
  87. Earthquake Zone Off Oregon Coast Surprisingly Active
  88. Hot And Cold: Circulation Of Atmosphere Affected Mediterranean Climate During Last Ic
  89. Protection Zones In The Wrong Place To Prevent Coral Reef Collapse
  90. Why Is Greenland Covered In Ice? Changes In Carbon Dioxide Levels Explain Transition
  91. Arctic Ice On The Verge Of Another All-time Low
  92. Magmatically Triggered Slow Earthquake Discovered At Kilauea Volcano, Hawaii
  93. Gray?s Reef National Marine Sanctuary In Fair Condition, Facing Emerging Threats
  94. Baltic States Failing To Protect Most Damaged Sea
  95. ?Lost World? Beneath The Caribbean
  96. Faster Rise In Sea Level Predicted From Melting Greenland Ice Sheet, Based On Lessons
  97. Complex Ocean Behavior Studied With 'Artificial Upwelling'
  98. Unexplored Arctic Region To Be Mapped
  99. Global Sea-rise Levels By 2100 My Be Lower Than Some Predict, Says New Study
  100. Scientists Develop Model To Map Continental Margins
  101. Climate: New Spin On Ocean's Role
  102. Hurricane Ike Tracked By European Space Agency's Envisat
  103. New Link To Tropical African Climate Proposed
  104. Ice Core Studies Confirm Accuracy Of Climate Models
  105. Arctic Sea Ice At Lowest Level Ever
  106. Fantastic Photographs Of Fluorescent Fish
  107. Abrupt Climate Change Focus Of U.S. National Laboratories
  108. Marine Debris Will Likely Worsen In The 21st Century
  109. Modest Carbon Dioxide Cutbacks May Be Too Little, Too Late For Coral Reefs
  110. Ocean Floor Geysers Warm Flowing Sea Water
  111. Study Merges Decade Of Arctic Data As Ice Collapses Into The Sea
  112. Arctic Saw Fastest August Sea Ice Retreat On Record, NASA Data Show
  113. Thinning Of Greenland Glacier Attributed To Ocean Warming Preceded By Atmospheric Cha
  114. Sounds Travel Farther Underwater As World's Oceans Become More Acidic
  115. An Accurate Picture Of Ice Loss In Greenland
  116. Discovering How Human-caused Sounds Affect Marine Mammals
  117. From Mothballs To Mobilization: Taking The Salt Out Of Sea Water
  118. Thousands Of Feet Below The Bottom Of The Sea Tiny Organisms Are Feasting On Oil
  119. Impact Of Geology On The U.S. Civil War: War From The Ground Up
  120. Canada's Shores Saved Animals From Devastating Climate Change 252 Million Years Ago
  121. Atlantic Wolffish: Fearsome Fish That Deserve Protection?
  122. Arctic Sea Ice Hits Second-lowest Extent, Likely Lowest Volume
  123. Bays On US Gulf Coast Vulnerable To Flooding
  124. Paleozoic 'Sediment Curve' Provides New Tool For Tracking Sea-floor Sediment Movement
  125. Decline In Alaskan Sea Otters Affects Bald Eagles' Diet
  126. Arctic Sea Ice Annual Freeze-up Underway
  127. Gas From The Past Gives Scientists New Insights Into Climate And The Oceans
  128. Turning Freshwater Farm Ponds Into Crab Farms
  129. Scientists Take Off For Southeastern Pacific Climate Study
  130. Rising Arctic Storm Activity Sways Sea Ice, Climate
  131. Discovering Drugs, Biofuels In Tropical Seas
  132. Deepest-living Fishes Caught On Camera For The First Time
  133. Climate Change To Devastate Or Destroy Many Penguin Colonies
  134. Coastal Dead Zones May Benefit Some Species, Scientist Finds
  135. High Mortality Of Endangered Loggerhead Sea Turtles In Baja California
  136. Protected 'Swimways' Urged For Endangered Leatherback Sea Turtle
  137. Less Ice In Arctic Ocean 6000-7000 Years Ago
  138. Large Anthropogenic Nutrient And Pollutant Loads To The Sea From Small Unmonitored Ne
  139. North Pole Exploration: Large Sliding Masses Close Beneath The Seafloor Of East-Siber
  140. Scientist Uses Tracer To Predict Ancient Ocean Circulation
  141. Seabass And Chips: Harnessing Science To Predict Ocean Climate Change
  142. Arctic Sea Ice Is Getting Thinner As Well As Receding
  143. Probing Antarctic Glaciers For Clues To Past And Future Sea Level
  144. Coral Bleaching Disturbs Structure Of Fish Communities
  145. Climate Change Seeps Into The Sea
  146. Hurricane Ike Caused Underwater Damage To Galveston
  147. What Is Really Happening To The Greenland Icecap?
  148. Loggerhead Turtle Release To Provide Vital Information To Scientific Community
  149. Coral Reefs Found Growing In Cold, Deep Ocean
  150. Sunlight Has More Powerful Influence On Ocean Circulation And Climate Than North Amer
  151. Sea Snakes Seek Out Freshwater To Slake Thirst
  152. 'Unprecedented' Warming Drives Dramatic Ecosystem Shifts In North Atlantic, Study Fin
  153. When It Comes To Sea Level Changing Glaciers, New NASA Technique Measures Up
  154. Sedimentary Records Link Himalayan Erosion Rates And Monsoon Intensity Through Time
  155. Deep Sea Expedition Sets Sail
  156. Urgent Action On International Coral Reef Crisis Urged
  157. Octopuses' Family Tree Traced
  158. Marine Plankton Found In Amber
  159. Measuring Water From Space
  160. Seismometer Able To Measure Earth Tremors Over Longer Periods Is Unveiled
  161. Glacial Erosion Changes Mountain Responses To Plate Tectonics
  162. New Life Beneath Sea And Ice
  163. Works Of Art Shed New Light On Climate Change
  164. Finding Baby Critically Endangered Goliath Grouper Fish Hiding In Mangroves With Help
  165. 'Fish Technology' Draws Renewable Energy From Slow Water Currents
  166. Ocean Acidification In The Caribbean Significant, Yet Variable
  167. Second Warmest October For Global Temperatures, NOAA Says
  168. How Global Warming Will Affect U.S. Beaches, Coastline
  169. Coastal Erosion On Grand Isle, Louisiana, Occurring Rapidly
  170. Climate Clues In Southern Ocean: Ocean Currents Surprisingly Resistant To Intensifyin
  171. Methods Of Ocean Drilling In Climate Research
  172. Dolphin Population Stunted By Fishing Activities, Study Finds
  173. Getting Warmer? Prehistoric Climate Can Help Forecast Future Changes
  174. Ocean Growing More Acidic Faster Than Once Thought; Increasing Acidity Threatens Sea
  175. Ocean Currents Off South Africa Influence Gulf Stream
  176. Speed Matters For Ice-shelf Breaking
  177. Antarctica: Wilkins Ice Shelf Under Threat
  178. Accelerated Melting Of Continental Icepacks Is Major Reason For Rise In Sea Level Bet
  179. Antarctica Has More Species Than Galapagos, First Comprehensive Inventory Of Life In
  180. No Place Like Home: New Theory For How Salmon, Sea Turtles Find Their Birthplace
  181. Loggerhead Turtle Territories Defined By Salinity of Sea Water In Western Mediterrane
  182. Expeditions Reveal Gulf Of California's Deep Sea Secrets, As Well As Human Imprints
  183. Time Running Out On Coral Reefs As Climate Change Becomes Increasing Threat
  184. Socioeconomic Study On Coral Reefs Points To Challenges Of Coastal Resource Managemen
  185. Oscillation Rules As The Pacific Cools
  186. World's First Deep Sea Lab-on-a-chip Sensors Proved To Work
  187. Climate Change Alters Ocean Chemistry
  188. Scatterometer Climatology of Ocean Winds (SCOW)
  189. Massive Jellyfish Swarming Hawaii, Gulf Of Mexico And Other Locations
  190. The European Eel: To Migrate Or Not To Migrate In Freshwaters?
  191. Greenland's Glaciers Losing Ice Faster This Year Than Last Year, Which Was Record-set
  192. Tiny Ecosystem May Shed Light On Climate Change
  193. Ocean Fish Farming Harms Wild Fish, Study Says
  194. Beaked Whales? Tusks Evolved Through Sexual Selection Process
  195. Ocean Acidification Could Have Broad Effects On Marine Ecosystems
  196. Arctic Greening Linked To Retreating Sea Ice
  197. Global Warming Impacts On U.S. Coming Sooner Than Expected, Report Predicts
  198. Stronger Coastal Winds Due To Climate Change May Have Far-reaching Effects
  199. Ocean Acidification From Carbon Dioxide Emissions Will Cause Physiological Impairment
  200. Humans, Oceans Shaped North American Climate Over Past 50 Years, NOAA Report Says
  201. Abrupt Climate Change: Will It Happen this Century?
  202. Hot Southern Summer Threatens Coral With Massive Bleaching Event
  203. Longstanding Theory Of Origin Of Species In Oceans Challenged
  204. New Park Protects Penguins And Other Marine Life In Argentina
  205. Surprise Drop In Carbon Dioxide Absorbed By East/Japan Sea
  206. Sea Rise Over Continental Shelves Significantly Affected Past Global Carbon Cycle
  207. Journey Of A Green Turtle From Indonesia Into Australian Opens Mystery Of ?oceanic Su
  208. Sea Level Rise Of One Meter Within 100 Years
  209. Swings In North Atlantic Oscillation Variability Linked To Climate Warming
  210. Harmful Substances Poorly Monitored In Baltic Sea Region
  211. Layers Of Bottom Sediment Reveal Secrets Of Environmental Changes In The Baltic Sea
  212. Lost & Found ? Prototype CO2-measuring Drifter Recovered From The Tropical Atlantic A
  213. First-ever Estimate Of Worldwide Fish Biomass And Impact On Climate Change Completed
  214. Arctic Heats Up More Than Other Places: High Sea Level Rise Predicted
  215. 2008 Global Temperature Ties As Eighth Warmest On Record
  216. World's First Deep Sea Lab-on-a-chip Sensors Proved To Work
  217. Nitrogen Fixation In The Western English Channel
  218. Food Choices And Location Influence California Sea Otter Exposure To Disease
  219. Nile Delta Fishery Grows Dramatically Thanks To Run-off Of Sewage, Fertilizers
  220. New Tool Improves Reliability Of Climate Models
  221. All Earth's Seasons Now Arrive Two Days Earlier, Researchers Report
  222. Scientific Submarine Makes Deep-sea Discoveries
  223. Danube Delta Holds Answers To 'Noah's Flood' Debate
  224. Dramatic Expansion Of Dead Zones In Oceans Likely With Unchecked Global Warming
  225. Seabird?s Ocean Lifestyle Revealed
  226. Climate Change Largely Irreversible For Next 1,000 Years, NOAA Reports
  227. Global Warming From Carbon Dioxide Will Increase Five-fold Over The Next Millennia, S
  228. Iron Fertilization To Capture Carbon Dioxide Dealt A Blow: Plankton Stores Much Less
  229. Freak Waves May Be Sinking Ships Off The Coast Of Japan
  230. Global Warming Fix? Some Of Earth's Climate Troubles Should Face Burial At Sea, Scien
  231. 'Hot Spot' For Toxic Harmful Algal Blooms Discovered Off Washington Coast
  232. Ancient Turtle Migrated From Asia To America Over Tropical Arctic
  233. Global Scientists Draw Attention To Threat Of Ocean Acidification
  234. National Geographic Contributes Content To Ocean In Google Earth
  235. Long-term Recovery Of Reefs From Bleaching Requires Local Action To Increase Resilien
  236. Ancient Geologic Escape Hatches Mistaken For Tube Worms
  237. Earliest Evidence For Animal Life Discovered: Fossil Animal Steroids Date Back More T
  238. Three New Species Discovered on Deep-sea Voyage
  239. More Extreme Weather In The Arctic Regions
  240. Global Warming Threatens Antarctic Sea Life
  241. Sea-level Rise Around North America Upon Collapse Of Antarctic Ice Sheet To Be Higher
  242. Photosynthesis Genes Linked To Marine Virus Fitness
  243. Genetic Adaptations Are Key To Microbe's Survival In Challenging Environment
  244. Unrusted Iron Dust Found Bubbling Up From Depths Of Ocean Floor
  245. Tandem Mission Brings Ocean Currents Into Sharper Focus
  246. Dramatic Rise In Sea Level And Its Broad Ramifications Uncovered
  247. Genetic Adaptations Key To Microbe's Survival In Challenging Environment
  248. Mediterranean Sea Dried Up Five Million Years Ago
  249. Seamounts May Serve As Refuges For Deep-sea Animals That Struggle To Survive Elsewher
  250. Climate Change And Fisheries: US Atlantic Cod Population To Drop By Half By 2050